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Královská obora 56: Governor’s Summer Palace

On a high ridge overlooking Prague’s Stromovka park stands the impressive Místodržitelský letohrádek (Governor’s Summer Palace). Though extensively modified in Strawberry Hill style between 1804 and 1805 by Georg Fischer, its tower contains an original gothic staircase dating...


Smetanovo nábreží: Monument to Emperor František I

In 1844, the architect Josef Kranner was commissioned to build this elaborate neo-gothic fountain in honour of the Habsburg emperor Francis II, who as Franz I of Austria ruled Bohemia from 1792 to 1835. The 95-foot-high pinnacle stands...


Moskevská 120/21: Rangherka

Giuseppe Rangheri was born in Gora, on the shores of Lake Como, and came to Prague in the late 1700s when there was already a thriving silk market. He set up his original mulberry plantation near Wenceslas Square,...

Gröbe Villa (Grébovka) interior

Between 2003 and 2008, the sumptuous interior of the Gröbe Villa in Vinohrady was remodelled in the style of Josef Schulz’s original design by the architectural husband and wife team Michal Hron and Hedvika Hronová. The villa, originally...


Strossmayerovo nám: Church of St Anthony

At the centre of Strossmayerovo Square in Holešovice stands the neo-gothic Church of Saint Anthony of Padua. If its profile looks faintly familiar, that’s because its soaring towers were deliberately modelled on those of the ancient church of...


Karlovo náměstí 288/17: U Sedlerů

Originally a low building housing a brewery, the house on Charles Square known as U Sedlerů was rebuilt in 1899 by Rudolf Tereba. Its new neo-renaissance facade was decorated with a splendid art nouveau frieze depicting the establishment...

Clam-Gallas Palace, Prague

Husova 158/20: Clam-Gallas Palace

Descended from a distinguished Austrian family, Count Johann Wenzel (Jan Václav) von Gallas managed an extensive diplomatic portfolio. As well as being Ambassador to London and the Hague during the War of the Spanish Succession, he was also...

Powder Tower, Prague, restored facade

Prašná brána (Powder Tower)

The eastern side of the mediaeval city was guarded by an imposing entrance on the road leading from Prague to the royal mint at Kutná Hora. In the fifteenth century the already 400-year-old gateway was replaced by an...

Masaryk Station, Prague

Havlíčkova 1014/2, Masaryk Station

Masarykovo nádraží is the oldest railway station in Prague. Constructed to receive the first trains from Vienna via Olomouc, the neo-renaissance main building is by Antonin Jungling, with the possible involvement of Viennese court architects Peter de Nobile...


Londýnská 595/26

This smart neo-classical frontage in Vinohrady is a typical example of fin-de-siecle Prague townhouse architecture; it could easily have been transplanted from the British capital after which this desirable street is named.