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Peter ParlerPeter Parler (1330 – 1399) was appointed by Charles IV to oversee a number of key architectural projects, including the construction of the New Town, founded in 1348. This master mason’s astonishing legacy survives today in the form of St Vitus’s Cathedral and, of course, Charles Bridge


Cathedral Church of Saint Vitus

Founded on 21 November 1344, Saint Vitus’s Cathedral in Prague Castle is the work of generations of master builders. The east end (to the right of this picture) was built by the French architect Matthew of Arras, who...


Karlův Most: Charles Bridge

Fifteen years after Prague’s first stone-built river crossing, the Judith Bridge, was washed away by floods, its 16-span replacement – commissioned by Charles IV from master architect Peter Parler – was begun. Tradition has it that the king...


Church of Our Lady before Týn

Close to the mediaeval merchants’ courtyard known as the ‘Týn’ (the word comes from the same root as the English word ‘town’), the gothic masterpiece of the Church of Our Lady dominates the Eastern side of Prague’s Old...


Cathedral of Saint Vitus: South Tower and Golden Gate

The south range of the Cathedral of Saint Vitus in Prague Castle is dominated by the so-called Golden Gate (Zlatá Brána). This ceremonial facade, commissioned by Charles IV in 1370, is covered in a priceless mosaic depicting the...