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Corn Exchange

Senovážné náměstí 860/30: Corn Exchange

Although agricultural trading had taken place in Prague since time immemorial, it was only in 1882 that plans were drawn up for a central exchange for arable commodities. In 1894 this first purpose-built corn exchange (plodinová burza) was...

Czech National Bank

Na Příkopě 864/28: Czech National Bank

The vicinity of the Czech National Bank has been a trading quarter ever since the Middle Ages, when precious metals regularly arrived at the city’s east gate from the silver mines of Kutná Hora. Nearby is the Týn...


Vršovické náměstí 67/8: Civic Savings Bank

The Občanská Záložna (Civic Savings Bank) in Vršovice was founded in 1888, and these splendid art nouveau headquarters date from 1912. The principal architect was Antonín Balšánek, whose name is grandly inscribed in the vestibule along with those...