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Tympanum of Basilica of Peter and Paul, Vyšehrad, Prague

Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul, Vyšehrad

Rising impressively from a rocky bluff south of the city, the ancient fortified settlement of Vyšehrad dates from the tenth century. The place is indelibly linked with the foundation of Prague, thanks largely to the tales of the...


Church of St Procopius, Žižkov

Josef Mocker and František Mikš were at the forefront of the Gothic revival in the Czech lands. The former was the architect of the Church of Saint Ludmila in Vinohrady (1888-92) while the latter designed the Church of...


Strossmayerovo nám: Church of St Anthony

At the centre of Strossmayerovo Square in Holešovice stands the neo-gothic Church of Saint Anthony of Padua. If its profile looks faintly familiar, that’s because its soaring towers were deliberately modelled on those of the ancient church of...