Sokolovská 47/73

Facade with typically strong neo-baroque styling in the Karlín quarter of Prague. Much of this area was rebuilt after the 2002 floods, leading to a surge of interest in its stock of historic housing.


Trojická 1449/4

The deep moulding of this art nouveau doorway in Prague’s New Town is particularly striking in slanting evening light. In the allegory above the lintel, assorted putti fight and play around a linden tree, the national symbol of...


Trojická 397/18: U Prasátků

Art-nouveau religious murals by Adolf Liebscher adorn the decorative facade of this house in Prague’s New Town. Constructed in 1894 by and for Rudolf Tereba,  the house is known as ‘U Prasátků’, after a former dwelling on the...


Dukelských hrdinů 904/44

The name of this street honours the heroes of the Battle of Dukla Pass (1944), for the Czechoslovak army one of the bloodiest engagements of the Second World War. Forty years earlier, when the street was still known...


Belgická 130/32

A broken pediment in the baroque style adorns the facade of this historicist block in Prague’s Vinohrady district. The elegant neo-renaissance bust of a young woman – with her detailed clothing and tender expression – makes this a...


Hybernská 1036/3: Sweerts-Špork Palace

Facade of the Sweerts-Špork Palace (1783), redeveloped by Anton Haffenecker, with sculpture and ornamentation by Ignác Michal Platzer. By the end of the seventeenth century, the house that had previously stood here – at one time owned by...


Vlkova 800/31: Memorial to Jaroslav Seifert

The plaque below the bust tells that ‘From 1907 to 1912, the Czech poet and Nobel Prize winner Jaroslav Seifert attended this school’. The school in question, in the district of Žižkov, is now named after the writer....


Řehořova 992/10

Look up at this apartment block in the Prague quarter of Žižkov and you will notice three renaissance figures – knight, nun and lutenist – tripping across a landscape of ribbons and linden leaves. The delightful bas-relief, reminiscent...


Husitská 191/47

Jan Hus, the 15th century church reformer whose execution in 1415 sparked the Hussite wars. This street is named after his followers; and the district through which it runs, Žižkov, after Jan Žižka, the one-eyed Hussite warrior whose...


Peckova 306/11

A beautiful example of a neo-renaissance Prague townhouse. It is situated in the district of Karlín on one side of the tree-lined square that is home to the neo-romanesque basilica of Saints Cyril and Methodius