Ruská 473/8

The facade of one of two adjacent houses by Osvald Polívka. The mosaic between the musicians reads ‘Kde domov můj? -‘Where is my home?’ – the opening words of the Czech national anthem, music by František Škroup, words...


Ruská 452/12

An outstanding iron-grilled double-height door of the art nouveau style, one of a number of impressive architectural statements in this street on the border of Vršovice and Vinohrady.


Seifertova 32/3

This handsome end-of-row apartment block in neo-baroque style represents the western boundary of the suburb of Žižkov. Further along the same street, the main highway and railway lines make a savage cut through the centre of the city,...


Havelská 3/511: U zlaté váhy

The 18th century painting of the archangel Michael has below it the following rhyming prayer: ‘Ochraňuj, Bože, dům tento drahý / který se zove U zlaté váhy’: ‘We pray that Thy protection never fails / This house, which...


Betlémské náměstí 258/10

Betlémské náměstí (Bethlehem Square) is most famous for its chapel which from 1402 onwards became the de facto base for Jan Hus and his reformist congregations. Opposite the chapel stands this fine baroque house: the inscription above the...


Jilská 527/2 and Skořepka 527/1

This magnificent sgraffito on the theme of War and Peace is by the artist Mikoláš Aleš, whose distinctive murals of Czech legend and history turned the city into a living textbook at the end of the nineteenth century....


Uhelný trh 526/6

The memorial plaque on this building in Uhelný trh (Coalmarket) is of particular interest to historians of Czech culture and language. ‘Here stood the house of the Golden Cross, where, on 4 February 1719, the Prague printer K.F....