Maiselova 41/21

Biedermeier-style ornamentation on this frontage of 1911 by Richard Klenka. Maiselova is named after Mordecai Maisel, the celebrated leader of the Jewish community during the Renaissance who, by lending money to Rudolf II during his multiple campaigns against...


Pařížská 98/17: Old Synagogue Restaurant

Elaborately painted and gilded stucco-work adorns the facade of The Old Synagogue restaurant in Prague’s Josefov district, designed in 1906 by the architects František Weyr and Richard Klenka of Vlastimil. The latter was a somewhat eccentric figure, who...


Dušní 141/12: The Spanish Synagogue

Erected on the site of the mediaeval ‘Old School’ synagogue, the present structure was built between the years 1867 and 1868 by the master builder Guido Bělský to a plan by Vojtěch Ignác Ullmann, and decorated in the...


Týnská ulička 611/10

A house has stood on this spot in Týn Alley since at least the 13th century, when it was the home of doctor Jakub Lavín of Ottenfeld. From 1405 until the 1600s the building was used as a...


Železná 540/11: Estates Theatre

The Estates Theatre (Stavovské Divadlo) was designed and built between 1781 and 1783 by the architect Anton Hoffenecker. Count František Antonin Nostitz-Rieneck, who commissioned it, was one of the leading proponents of Bohemian independence in the 18th century,...


Vršovické náměstí 84/6: Church of Saint Nicholas

This traditional church in Vršovice – one of three dedicated to Saint Nicholas in Prague as a whole – dates from 1704, although the neo-baroque west front, by Bohumil Holeček, was added when the aisle was extended in...


Jana Masaryka 165/22: Memorial to Jan Masaryk

Jan Masaryk was born in 1886 at the Villa Osvěta in Vinohrady. The third child of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the first president of Czechoslovakia, Jan acted as ambassador to London from 1925, and as Foreign Minister of the...

Charkovská 518/22

Art nouveau detailing on the facade of a row of very fine town houses in the suburb of Vršovice. This building, along with its neighbour, number 20, were probably designed with the collaboration of architect Josef Pospíšil.

Facade of elementary school on Vojtěšská, Prague

Vojtěšská 216/13: Elementary School

The highly decorative art-nouveau facade of an elementary school (základní škola) in Prague’s New Town. The current school was built in 1906 on the site of an earlier institution dating from 1882. The coats of arms are those...


Příběnická 942/1

A relief depicting Cecilia, patron saint of music, seated at a chamber organ, appears on the southwest-facing wall of this house in Žižkov.