Perucká 61/13: Vondračka

This baroque homestead dating from the mid-1750s is the oldest surviving domestic building in Vinohrady. Above the remodelled classical facade can be seen the original 18th century dormer windows and turret, while the interior of the house also corresponds to the original baroque plan.

In 1755 the residence and its neighbouring vineyard were owned by Karel Leopold Bepta, a wealthy councillor who was also responsible for the nearby Chapel of the Holy Family. In 1787 the property was sold by Bepta’s descendents to the manufacturer Hynek Vondráček, who tore down the surrounding farm buildings but preserved the house, thenceforth known as the Vondračka.

The house passed through several other private hands until in 1954, it became the property of the state. In 1964 it was listed as a protected monument, and although the status meant little under communist rule, it was at least saved from demolition. In 1990 the house was restituted to the previous owners, the Dietz family.