Křižovnické náměstí: Church of the Holy Saviour

The Jesuit church of the Holy Saviour (Sanctus Salvator) was originally constructed in 1578. From 1638 to 1648, it was remodelled in the baroque style by the youthful Italian architects Carlo Lurago and Francesco Caratti, both of them in their early twenties when they arrived in Prague.

Standing at one end of the Charles Bridge, its imposing early baroque facade – with magnificent stucco work by Domenico Galli – marks the entrance to the Old Town of Prague. The square in which it stands is also home to the earlier monastery and church of Saint Francis.

In 1654, not long after the completion of Sanctus Salvator, the historic Jesuit college to which it is attached, the Klementinum – was officially incorporated into Charles University.