Vodičkova 708/35: U Červeného pole

This two-storey townhouse ‘U Červeného pole’ (‘The Red Field’) is an ancient survivor in a street otherwise dominated by much taller buildings from the 1900s, such as the nearby ‘U Myšáka’.

The earliest records show that until 1397 the house was home to a certain tailor called Vitek. Later owners apparently included the noble family of Mitrovský, under whose patronage the house was restyled between 1717 and 1720 — in all probability by Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer.

In 1888 the house became the property of the Urban family, one of whom, the cinema pioneer Max, designed the Barrandov studios. At a later date, the architect František Maria Černý — responsible for the modern spire on the Emmaus church — also had a studio in this house.