Jilská 527/2 and Skořepka 527/1

This magnificent sgraffito on the theme of War and Peace is by the artist Mikoláš Aleš, whose distinctive murals of Czech legend and history turned the city into a living textbook at the end of the nineteenth century. It adorns the upper storey of a neo-renaissance house built in 1889 by his collaborator the architect Antonín Wiehl.

The corner house stands on the plot once occupied by three mediaeval dwellings. One of these had belonged to Jakoubek of Stříbro, a Wycliffite and colleague of Jan Hus, and another to the family of Jan Brokoff, author of many famous sculptures including that of St John Nepomuk on the Charles Bridge.

On the facing wall can be found this medallion depicting Katerina of Lokšany, wife of the vice-regent from the reign of Rudolf II