Category: historicist


Staroměstské náměstí 608/10

Arms of the City of Prague: ‘Gules, a tower, triple-towered or, in the open gateway an arm in armour embowed fesseways holding in the hand a sword in bend sinister, all proper.’ The arms, which appear on several...


Charkovská 399/16

At the end of the nineteenth century, the demand for new housing led to an explosion of residential buildings beyond the traditional boundaries of the city. Charkovská (or as it was first known, Nerudova) twenty minutes from the...

Budečská 824/30

Neo-classical doorway in the elegant residential district of Vinohrady, appropriately bearing the Latin inscription ‘Welcome’. Once lying outide the city walls, Vinohrady is named after the vineyards which were planted here in the reign of Charles IV –...


Štěpánská 543/3: U Varhaníků

This town house in Štěpánská (Saint Stephen’s Street) dates from 1873 and is the work of Václav Kaura and Alois Doubrava. Strongly inspired by Roman architecture, its neo-classical facade combines many elements that would have been familiar to...


Londýnská 522/2

A fine example of a neo-classical frontage in the attractive tree-lined Londýnská (London Street), part of the residential district of Vinohrady.


Jugoslávská 802/2

At the time it was constructed, this impressive neo-baroque building stood on the corner of Karlova třída (Charles Avenue) and Komenského náměstí (Comenius Square). Nowadays Karlova třída is named after Yugoslavia; and the square – one of Prague’s...


Čermákova 1290/9

A fine 1904 example of a historicist doorway in the residential district of Vinohrady, combining elements of classical, baroque and art nouveau.


Kodaňská 552/35

An absence of fresh paint lends a particularly impressive air to this neo-baroque building on Vrsovice’s elegant Kodaňská street.


Šubertova 1353/4

Number 4 was built at the start of the twentieth century when the street was known simply as ‘U Divadla’ (Theatre Street) after the nearby Vinohrady Theatre. Later the street was renamed in honour of František Šubert, director...