Ostrčilovo náměstí 518/1: U Bivoje

The bas-relief of 1910 depicts the legend of Bivoj and the Wild Boar, first recounted in the 14th century ‘Dalimil Chronicle’, the earliest work in the Czech language. The hero Bivoj singlehandedly knocks out the animal, which has been terrorizing the people of Kavčí Hory, and at sunset he arrives at the palace of Queen Libuše, bearing the boar on his back. He ceremonially slays the creature with his spear, thereby winning the hand of Libuše’s older sister, Kazi.

The building, by Václav Řezníček, stands in a square named since 1952 after the Czech conductor Otakar Ostrčil. It currently houses a branch of the Prague City Library.