Na Petynce 395/41

Na Petynce 41

Caught between two highways that sweep westwards to Prague airport, the suburbs of Střešovice and Břevnov retain a curiously quiet, semi-rural atmosphere. On their slopes can still be found the traces of numerous baroque farmsteads and estates; one of them, the sadly abandoned Petynka, recalls the name of the Habsburg ambassador to Spain, the splendidly-titled Count Franz Eusebius Pötting (Petynk) of Persing.

At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the buildings on the street adjacent to the Petynka were done up in the prevailing geometric art nouveau style. Number 41 (above) dates from 1908; other examples from the same period are number 31 (below) and the delightful two-storey number 144 (bottom):

Na Petynce 31

Na Petynce 144