Dykova 51/1: Hussite Church of Vinohrady

Similar in date and style to Josef Gočár’s St Wenceslas Church in Vršovice, the nearby Hussite church on Dykova Street is the work of constructivist architect Pavel Janák. The foundation stone was laid in October 1930, but it was another two years before work began. The ceremonial chalice (symbol of the Hussite church), was raised into position at the top of the skeletal concrete campanile in June 1933. Weighing 13 cwt (700 kg) and nearly 8 feet high, it brings the height of the tower to 120 feet in all.

During the Prague Uprising against the Nazis in May 1945, the church played a pivotal role, sheltering resistance fighters and acting as a broadcasting station from which the message to reinforce the barricades was sent: