Category: art nouveau


U Havlíčkových sadů 422/1

Delicate ironwork grilles such as this one form the balconies of several of the magnificent art nouveau apartment buildings which border the northern side of Havlíčkový Sady. This house in the late art nouveau style dates from 1911-12,...

Polska street Prague facade

Polská 1352/32

The complex patterns on the facade of this 1905 house by Jan Majer and Jan Bláha is suggestive of natural designs such as those of the spider’s web, one reason for including the creature itself. The use of...


Masarykovo nábřeží 248/16, Hlahol building

This art nouveau house on the right bank of the Vltava was built between 1903 and 1905 for the Prague choral society ‘Hlahol’ – whose name means something like ‘clamour’ or ‘peal’. The interior is decorated with a...

Vozová 1567/8: U Severní Točny

To reach the North Pole became a worldwide obsession in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The American Robert Peary’s arrival there on 6 April 1909 made international headlines, and could well be the explanation for the...


Václavské náměstí 792/34: Wiehlův Dům

The historic house known as ‘Wiehlův Dům’ in Wenceslas Square was built in 1896 by and for the architect Antonín Wiehl (1846-1910), a leading figure of the Czech neo-Renaissance. The facade, by Josef Fanta with murals designed by...


Nerudova 233/47: U dvou slunců

Devotees of Pablo Neruda, the Chilean Nobel Prize winner, will be aware that he adopted his pen-name in homage to the earlier Czech poet Jan Neruda, who spent his formative years at the baroque House of the Two...


Svatoslavova 589/9

‘Ave Maria!’: bas-relief in a geometric art-nouveau frame adorns the facade of this townhouse in the southern suburb of Nusle.


Maiselova 41/21

Biedermeier-style ornamentation on this frontage of 1911 by Richard Klenka. Maiselova is named after Mordecai Maisel, the celebrated leader of the Jewish community during the Renaissance who, by lending money to Rudolf II during his multiple campaigns against...


Pařížská 98/17: Old Synagogue Restaurant

Elaborately painted and gilded stucco-work adorns the facade of The Old Synagogue restaurant in Prague’s Josefov district, designed in 1906 by the architects František Weyr and Richard Klenka of Vlastimil. The latter was a somewhat eccentric figure, who...