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Vychovatelna, Prague

Bulovka: Vychovatelna and Rokoska

Entering the city limits, drivers approaching Prague from the north encounter a dramatic sight. Dominating the high ridge to their left, a brooding neo-baroque chateau suddenly hoves into view like a great three-storey ship sailing the horizon. Nowadays...


Church of SS Cyril and Methodius, Karlín

In the year 863, the Orthodox missionary brothers Cyril and Methodius began translating the Bible into the language known as Old Church Slavonic, using a specially-formulated script from which was derived the later ‘Cyrillic’ alphabet. Their work enabled...

Lyčkovo náměstí 460/6: Elementary School

In September 1424, the radical Hussite warrior Jan Žižka (who four years earlier had won a significant victory against the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund at Vitkov Hill) signed a treaty of reconciliation with the moderate Utraquists which temporarily...


Operation Anthropoid Monument

2012 marked the seventieth anniversary of one of the most daring and courageous acts undertaken against the Nazi regime. Operation Anthropoid was a mission carried out by Czechoslovak parachutists trained by the British SOE (Special Operations Executive) between...


Pobřežní 665/21: Main Point

The Prague architectural firm DaM, founded in 1990 by Richard Doležal and Petr Malinský, has been entrusted with some of the most radical changes to the city’s urban landscape in recent years. One of their most striking new...

Invalidovna, Prague

Sokolovská 24/136: Invalidovna

Taking his cue from the construction of Les Invalides in Paris, Count Petr Strozzi left directions for the foundation of a similar institution in Prague for veterans and wounded soldiers. Work commenced in the district of Karlin in...


Sokolovská 47/73

Facade with typically strong neo-baroque styling in the Karlín quarter of Prague. Much of this area was rebuilt after the 2002 floods, leading to a surge of interest in its stock of historic housing.


Peckova 306/11

A beautiful example of a neo-renaissance Prague townhouse. It is situated in the district of Karlín on one side of the tree-lined square that is home to the neo-romanesque basilica of Saints Cyril and Methodius