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Hospital and Church of the Holy Trinity, Kuks

Almost exactly halfway between the cities of Hradec Králové and Trutnov in the north of the Czech Republic, the river Elbe flows through the pleasant wooded valley of Kuks, from which the land rises gently away on both...


Veltrusy Chateau

Situated on the banks of the river Vltava about twenty miles north of Prague, the chateau of Veltrusy was commissioned in 1704 for the counts of Chotek. Work began around the year 1706 to a tightly symmetrical plan...


Prague Castle: Míčovna (Ball-Game House)

The Great Ball Game House in the grounds of the castle dates from between 1567 and 1569 and is the work of Bonifaz Wohlmut, who also contributed to the nearby Royal Summer Palace as well as the Church...