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Blanická 1971/19: Business Academy

Kamelot, Karel Dvořák, 1925 The Business Academy of Prague, founded in the district of Karlín in 1909, was obliged to move to larger premises in Vinohrady in 1925. Its new home was a constructivist building by František Kavalír...

House of Agriculture, Prague

Slezská 100/7: House of Agricultural Education

Agriculture had been studied as an academic discipline since the 1780s in Prague, but it was the emergence of the fledgling state of Czechoslovakia in 1918 that prompted widescale practical reforms to the agricultural economy. These included the...


Na Smetance 505/1

This neo-renaissance secondary school in Prague 2 was constructed by Josef Franzl from a plan by the great Prague architect Antonin Turek, who was also responsible for the beautiful Vinohrady water tower and numerous other public buildings in...


Heroldovy sady 411/3

The first village schoolmaster in Vršovice was appointed in the 17th century, and we know that in 1797 Matouš Holub was running a small school from his family cottage near the Botič stream. But the parish had to...


Lyčkovo náměstí 460/6

 M[aster Jan] Rokycana reconciles Žižka with the citizens of Prague at Spital Fields 14 September 1424 In September 1424, the radical Hussite warrior Jan Žižka (who four years earlier had won a significant victory against the Holy Roman...

Goethe Institute, Prague

Masarykovo nábřeží 224/32: Goethe Institute

Originally the headquarters of the First Czech General Reinsurance Bank, this handsome art nouveau building close to the National Theatre was constructed in 1904-5 to a plan by the architect Jiří Stibral. Additional features of the facade, gables...


Mariánské náměstí 190/5: Klementinum

The Klementinum has always been at the academic heart of Prague. In 1556, when twelve missionaries arrived in the city to found a Jesuit college, they chose as their new home the complex of buildings near the Charles...


Technická 2710/6: National Technical Library

The design for the new National Technical Library was conceived in 2000 by a team of young architects – Roman Brychta, Adam Halíř, Ondřej Hofmeister and Petr Lešek – following the decision to transfer the collection of 1.2...

Facade of elementary school on Vojtěšská, Prague

Vojtěšská 216/13

The highly decorative facade of a základní škola (elementary school) in Prague’s New Town. The coats of arms, in descending order of importance, are those of Bohemia (top), Prague (left), and Nové Město, or New Town (right).


Křižovnické náměstí: Church of the Holy Saviour

The Jesuit church of the Holy Saviour (Sanctus Salvator) was built between 1578 and 1653 according to designs by Carlo Lurago and Francesco Caratti, with magnificent stucco work by Domenico Galli. The church’s imposing facade marks the entrance...