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Antonin-TurekAntonín Turek (1861 – 1916) was one of the leading exponents of neo-renaissance architecture in Prague. In 1899 he was appointed the principal civil engineer for the Vinohrady district, many of whose finest public buildings –  notably the water tower, market hall and National House – were designed by him.


Vinohradská 1200/50: Vinohradská tržnice

The distinctive russet-coloured Vinohradská tržnice (Vinohrady market hall) was constructed on the site of a former machine factory in 1902, one of several new covered marketplaces built at that time to serve Prague’s rapidly expanding population. The neo-renaissance...


Na Smetance 505/1

This neo-renaissance secondary school in Prague 2 was constructed by Josef Franzl from a plan by the great Prague architect Antonin Turek, who was also responsible for the beautiful Vinohrady water tower and numerous other public buildings in...

Vinohrady water tower

Korunní 725/66: Vinohrady Water Tower

The Vinohradská Vodárna (Vinohrady Water Tower) is a neo-renaissance turret by Antonín Turek, a local architect responsible for many noteworthy public buildings, including the National House of Vinohrady and the innovative Vinohrady Market Hall. Its seven storeys once...