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Hussite Church, Dejvice interior

Wuchterlova 535/5: Czechoslovak Hussite Church

The monumental congregational church in Prague-Dejvice was designed by Jiří Stibral and built by Alois Zima between 1925 and 1927. Combining religious, educational and residential functions, the building today continues to serve as the headquarters of the Czechoslovak...


Na Švihance 1527/9

Na Švihance — an architecturally rich street in Prague 2 close to Riegrovy sady (Rieger Park) — captures very well the blend of historical styles popular in the first decade of the twentieth century. Three of the houses are...


Bubenečská 365/41

The area of Prague due north of the castle is known for its splendid historicist apartment buildings such as this one on Bubenečská. Alois Zima — who also created residences in Vinohrady, designed three buildings on this street,...