Neobaroque facade, Prague

Záhřebská 577/33

A figure clad in baroque dress stands guard over a handsome apartment building in Zagreb Street in Prague’s Vinohrady district.

Přemsyl the Ploughman

U akademie 283/1

High on the north-facing side of this tall apartment building in Bubeneč stands Přemysl the Plowman, husband of the legendary prophetess Libuše, and historically the founder of the Přemyslid dynasty. In the 19th and early 20th centuries the...

art nouveau detail, Prague

Ovenecká 341/46

Detail of an art nouveau frontage constructed in 1911 for a house designed by architect Alois Masák


Šmeralova 360/30

Decorative element from the art nouveau facade of a townhouse designed in 1911-12 by the architect Václav Vacek. This was the first photograph taken specifically for The Prague Vitruvius, on 26 June 2011, and marks the official start...


Nad Královskou oborou 102/5

A memorial to the Slovak painter Cyprián Majerník (1909-1945), who spent most of his working life in Bohemia. His paintings were strongly influenced by contemporary events, especially the Spanish Civil War (Don Quixote became an important figure of...

Nad Kralovskou Oborou 7

Nad Královskou oborou 189/7

‘Well to ourselves, and to no man ill’. One of several proverbs illustrated by the artist Ladislav Novak on this apartment building near the Stromovka park. The architect of the house, which dates from 1901, is Jan Brzák