Category: neo-renaissance


Vinohradská 1595/31

One of two adjacent neo-renaissance properties with handsome double loggia balconies on Vinohradská. The street, and district, are named after the Royal Vineyards (Královské Vinohrady) which covered this part of Prague from the 14th century onwards. In the...


Bubenečská 365/41

The area of Prague due north of the castle is known for its splendid historicist apartment buildings such as this one on Bubenečská. Alois Zima — who also created residences in Vinohrady, designed three buildings on this street,...


Malé náměstí

The oldest fountain in Prague stands in Malé náměstí (Little Square), not far from the more famous Old Town Square. What we see today was substantially remodelled from 1876 to 1878 by the master of the neo-gothic, Josef...


Táborská 500/30: Nusle Town Hall

The side elevation of the neo-renaissance Nusle Town Hall, 1908, which houses the offices of the district of Prague 4. Its splendid arcaded balcony, facade and clock are all typical of the decorative fervour of that time, as...

U Rotta, Prague

Malé náměstí 142/3

The highly-decorated facade of the ironmonger’s ‘U Rotta’ (Rott’s) with allegories by Mikoláš Aleš, now home to the Hard Rock Café. Constructed in 1895-7, the building is the work of the architect Eduard Rechziegel.


Koperníkova 2204/10

This beautiful villa on the border between Vinohrady and Vřsovice was until 2012 the residence of the Danish ambassador, the coat of arms of whose country can be seen above the central window.


Řehořova 992/10

Look up at this apartment block in the Prague quarter of Žižkov and you will notice three renaissance figures – knight, nun and lutenist – tripping across a landscape of ribbons and linden leaves. The delightful bas-relief, reminiscent...


Husitská 191/47

Jan Hus, the 15th century church reformer whose execution in 1415 sparked the Hussite wars. This street is named after his followers; and the district through which it runs, Žižkov, after Jan Žižka, the one-eyed Hussite warrior whose...


Peckova 306/11

A beautiful example of a neo-renaissance Prague townhouse. It is situated in the district of Karlín on one side of the tree-lined square that is home to the neo-romanesque basilica of Saints Cyril and Methodius