Category: neo-baroque


Staroměstské náměstí 932/6

The former Municipal Insurance Building in the Old Town Square. Designed in the neo-baroque style by the architect Osvald Polívka and constructed between 1899 and 1909, the building is now home to the Ministry for Regional Development.


Lužická 1586/18

An exquisite example of an entrance doorway with neo-baroque detailing from the fashionable residential area of Vinohrady.


Italská 1219/2

In a nod to the Italian baroque, a pair of marble telamones support the frame of this palatial doorway in Vinohrady. The extravagance of the entrance is in keeping with the style of the building as a whole,...


Anglická 1219/27

This magnificent neo-baroque house at the corner of Anglická and Náměstí Míru is by the architect and designer Josef Pospíšil. Although relatively little is known about him, Pospíšil left behind an enormous catalogue of Prague facades including those...


Sokolovská 47/73

Facade with typically strong neo-baroque styling in the Karlín quarter of Prague. Much of this area was rebuilt after the 2002 floods, leading to a surge of interest in its stock of historic housing.


Belgická 130/32

A broken pediment in the baroque style adorns the facade of this historicist block in Prague’s Vinohrady district. The elegant neo-renaissance bust of a young woman – with her detailed clothing and tender expression – makes this a...


Seifertova 32/3

This handsome end-of-row apartment block in neo-baroque style represents the western boundary of the suburb of Žižkov. Further along the same street, the main highway and railway lines make a savage cut through the centre of the city,...


Václavské náměstí 832/19

Currently the home of the H&M fashion store in Wenceslas Square, this grand neo-baroque building by Bedřich Ohmann and Osvald Polívka was at one time the headquarters of the Trieste-based insurers Assicurazioni Generali. Between 1 November 1907 and...


Francouzská 966/33

Outside the immediate centre of Prague, the experimentation with neo-baroque styling becomes, if anything, more extravagant and florid. Many turn-of-the-century apartments along Francouzská (France Street) are laden with deeply-recessed pediments and cartouches, filled with heavy swags and flourishes...