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Facade of elementary school on Vojtěšská, Prague

Vojtěšská 216/13

The highly decorative facade of a základní škola (elementary school) in Prague’s New Town. The coats of arms, in descending order of importance, are those of Bohemia (top), Prague (left), and Nové Město, or New Town (right).


Anglická 336/21

A typical example of art nouveau ornamentation from the facade of one of the many historicist townhouses in the Vinohrady area.


Masná 705/1

This art nouveau apartment stands on the site of an earlier building, all of which now survives is the original baroque house sign. The symbol of the pike alludes to the name of the brewery which had stood...


Vodičkova 699/30

Jan Preisler’s ‘Trade and Industry’ mosaic (1901-2) decorates the facade of the art nouveau department store ‘U Nováků’ (Novak’s) near Wenceslas Square.


Bubenečská 368/21

A mural depicting a legend (unknown to me – please leave your suggestions in the comment form below!) decorates the facade of one of the several art nouveau houses built by Jan Petrák in Bubenečská Street.


Bubenečská 351/17

Number 17 is one of a row of five fine apartment buildings on this street designed around 1910 by the Dejvice-based architect Jan Petrák. All are decorated with highly-accomplished art nouveau murals. The house on which this one...


Gorazdova 1996/13

A pair of raftsmen, bringing timber downriver from southern Bohemia, form part of the group depicted in this beautifully-composed art nouveau facade, which has as its backdrop the distinctive silhouette of Prague castle. Timber transportation in this manner...


Sezimova 402/11

A fine example of an art nouveau facade with inscription ‘A.D. 1905’ from the southern suburb of Nusle


Zborovská 1204/10

Where these  apartments now stand, there was once open ground, sloping down to the river from the house built by the baroque architect Kilián Ignac Dientzenhofer. Later there came a church, and finally in 1910, rank upon rank...


Karlova 178/22

This outstanding art nouveau facade designed by the architect Osvald Polívka was restored in 2005, exactly a hundred years after its completion. The sculpture of a girl with a harp surrounded by doves – described by the City...